It was the Calamity that will never be forgotten.

The land of Petopolis was once a haven of friendship. Animals of all species, shapes, and sizes combined their supernatural abilities to create a habitat filled with love and adventure.

Up high in the clouds, beautiful Mythical creatures watched over the pets, and with their awe-inspiring might, granted the wishes of the animals below.

Then, disaster struck. A strange dark cloud, filled with feelings of sadness and fright, consumed Petopolis.  The Mythical creatures went missing. The cloud settled over the pets, trapping them all inside of giant eggshells before it dispersed and faded away.

Trapped, lonely, and scared, the pets were unable to break free on their own.

That’s where you come in! Spotting the clouds from a far off land, a group of heroic but competitive humans entered the realm of Petopolis, only to find it empty.

As one of these humans, you will embark on a mission. You’ll search for these lonely eggs, break the animals free of their yolky prisons, and reunite them with their friends.

Legend states that someone will free and befriend three Mythical creatures and be crowned as the Hero of Petopolis.

Will you be that hero? Help these critters return to their normal happy lives!

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