Come play a highly strategic card game with more than 40 animal cards, each with completely unique personalities and powers that play off of one another.
You’ll have to think your way through creative combos and chain reactions to build a super squad of cutesy critters.

It was the calamity that will never be forgotten.

The land of Petopolis was once a land of animal friendship, watched over by mythical creatures, until one day a dark cloud settled over the creatures, trapping them all inside of giant eggs.

Thankfully, a group of heroic humans (that’s you!) stumbled upon the now-empty land. Your mission? Find these eggs and break the animals free.

And if on your search, you happen to find 3 mythical creatures, your greatest wish will be granted and you’ll win the game!


Super Battle Pets was both MADE and PLAYED by more than 100 kids aged 7-12 years old.

How was it made?

Hi, I’m Sam!

No, not the sloth. I’m the human who made Super Battle Pets.

Many years ago, I worked as a childcare provider. Over time, I saw that more and more kids began to walk into my workplace with phones and tablets, and they would stare at their screens all day, afraid to interact with the other children.

One day, determined to help these kids make friends and have fun, I brought in a pack of index cards and markers, and announced that we were going to make a game together.

The kids drew silly pictures of their favorite animals and gave them powers. I obsessed over the rules and made sure that the cards were balanced. Every time we played, we tweaked a card or a rule to make sure the game was fun, easy-to-learn, and strategic.

We ended up with a game equally fun for kids and adults, making it the perfect way to bring families and friends together.


This game has been fine tuned with rules that are as easy as possible to learn

…but that also encourage the concoction of convoluted plans.

Let’s learn how to play with our two lovely volunteers, Tabby and Gray:

Wait Less, Play More

Turns have 3 quick steps: Hatch, Play, Draw.

Your eggs HATCH at the beginning of your turn.

Then, to PLAY, you can “lay an egg,” or choose from a couple of other options we’re about to hit.

Then DRAW a card. Easy peasy.


Special Skills

Skill pets give you an ability that you can use during your play phase instead of laying an egg. You can re-use their ability every single turn!

Here, Gray is using his SWAN to lay 3 eggs istead of just one! And Tabby is using her OCTOPUS to draw until she has 8 cards in her hand.

There are more than 40 pets in the game, and they each have a power unique to them! So if your rival has that swan you want, tough luck!


Attack time!

Apart from pets, there are also Event cards, with effects that take place immediately. Both events and pets can be used to attack other players. You can send rivals’ pets to the trash pile, or better yet, steal them for yourself!

Tabby sends Gray’s dog to the trash. But Gray has his own attack card up his sleeve. He steals Tabby’s parrot.

But what are you supposed to do? At any point your favorite pets could disappear before your very eyes!


Defense Pets

Put on your thinking cap, because this is where the simple rules turn into a game of intense strategy.

Defense pets protect you from attacks. Sometimes they outright stop attacks. Other times, they take immediate revenge, or provide a side benefit.

And this is where things get complicated: multiple defense pets can trigger at once, and defense pets can react to OTHER defense pets, causing chain reactions.

Here the Gray would love to steal a pet, but the BEAR says “no stealing.” Annoyed, Gray then opts to send Tabby’s BEAR to the trash. But Tabby has a SNAKE, which takes immediate revenge by sending Gray’s HORSE to the trash. But Tabby’s act of revenge itself sets off the Gray’s RABBIT, which allows Gray to immediately lay an egg out of turn.

Phew! Before you launch an attack, you need to consider all the possibilities of what may happen, and that’s where the game really shines. Each round starts as easy as a game of crazy eights, but the mid-game turns into a chess-like battle of wits.


Time Stones

Since turns are so short, every decision is important. If only you could perform more than one action. Oh wait, you can!

Some pets and events allow you to draw time stones. These magical rocks can be spent to perform more than one action in a turn.

A lot of pets have abilities that work better back-to-back with other pets’ abilities, and time stones will help pull off some major plays.

But it’s not that simple — since you have to play a card to collect them, getting the time stones will cost you a turn in the first place. Do you have time to buy more time?

Through hundreds and hundreds of play tests, I’ve made certain that no single strategy wins every round in this game. You’ll have to adapt to the constantly changing tides of battle to win.

What is this… “Kickstarter?”

Wow, good question, reader and friend! Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform. You see, currently, I can’t afford to sell you this game at a decent price, because it costs me quite a bit of money and time to produce just a single copy.

But a manufacturing company can produce it for a much lower price (and with better quality), as long as I meet a “Minimum Order Quantity.” So I’ve launched this project on Kickstarter, where we’re attempting to raise the funds necessary to have the game produced! When you back the project, you’ll receive a physical copy of the game, along with backer-only rewards.

If we can’t raise the funds necessary, no one gets charged and the project goes to the discard pile. But if we do raise the funds, then the adventure begins, and you’ll be the reason that the game came to life.

2 small but huge ways help even more:

1. Backing ASAP. The Kickstarter algorithm will see projects that have a great first day, and begin to show them in a more visibe place. It’s a snowball effect, and you can be the one who pushed the tiny snowball from the top of the hill.

2. Spreading the word. Word of mouth has gotten this project as far as it has now, and when you tell your friends about it, it will have a much bigger impact than anything I can do alone!

Who are you?

Hi! We’re Sam and Lohana, and together we run CandyBot Games!

Sam is a life long learner and teacher. He spent 15 years teaching piano, art, and coding lessons.

Through making thousands of drawings for kids upon request for fun, he developed the cutesy art style you see in Super Battle Pets.

And through his experience with coding, he developed an obsession for rules and games.

Sam and Lohana met just under 4 years ago and have been married for just under 3.

Lohana has been working in the real estate industry for 5 years. With her knowledge in marketing and sales, she runs the social media accounts for CandyBot Games.

Together we hope to help your family grow closer with fun and laughter!

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